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November 19, 2021, LCDR Travis E. Short, USN Ret.

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Thugs in Control of Our Justice System
(Why Did We Allow This to Happen?)
Like many other Americans, I sit here this morning, wondering what verdict the jury in the case of Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha, Wisconsin will render today, tomorrow, whenever. Will they decide the case based on facts, or will the jury be influenced by the Black Lives Matter thugs parading outside the courthouse, threatening to burn the city again if Kyle Rittenhouse’s head is not handed to them on a platter even though evidence shows Rittenhouse acted in self-defense? It is reprehensible that we can no longer allow our court system to deliver blind justice because judges and jurors must fear for their lives if the verdict does not satisfy the worst elements of our society.

There is another trial taking place concurrently with that of Kyle Rittenhouse. This trial is of three white men charged with the slaying of a young black man by the name of Ahmoud Aubrey in Brunswick, Georgia. Apparently, the killing took place without provocation and will rightly result in conviction if reported facts in the case are borne out. And although three white men will probably be convicted, there are no demonstrations on their behalf taking place outside the courthouse, no threats of violence by whites. However, I imagine if the trial should result in the acquittal of one or more of defendants—which is not apt to happen—we would see the amassing of BLM followers, resulting in destruction and mayhem in that city. In the eyes of BLM and other bigots, the men involved are already deemed guilty regardless of the outcome of the trial.

The question rises, why did we allow this to happen in America? How did we allow thugs to become judge and jury in such matters? Why did we allow the criminal elements to gain control of our cities? My answer is that we have become cowards, afraid to stand up to tyranny, afraid we will be branded as racists or white supremacists, or worse, be prosecuted and persecuted by our own government for our patriotism. This condition did not occur overnight or yesterday. It has a long history of weak, corrupt, and vacillating government leaders from the president to governors, to city mayors and county administrators. The consequences of weak and cowardly leadership have seen thugs on our streets growing bolder and more destructive with each unlawful event. And it has seen authorities unwilling to invoke laws, provide protection for private businesses and innocent citizens, or use legal force against organized mobs, portraying themselves and being portrayed by a corrupted press as “peaceful protestors”.

The first such riots occurred in the Watts section of Los Angeles in August 1965 when a young black man, by the name of Marquis Frye was pulled over for drunken driving. With the help of his mother, he resisted arrest and was struck with a police baton. Rumors quickly spread, falsely claiming that Frye’s pregnant mother was kicked by a policeman. Blacks poured into the streets and rioted for five days before the riots were quelled by the national guard, but not before millions of dollars in damages and more than thirty deaths occurred. The point is that the rioting and looting were quelled when sufficient force was brought against the thugs.

The genesis of today’s mob rule is, perhaps, the case of Rodney King in Los Angeles. Mr. King, a black man, was apprehended following an eight-mile high-speed chase through the city while he was intoxicated. King was beaten extensively by the four arresting officers, who were suspended and brought to trial. Three of them were acquitted, resulting in race riots that lasted for six days, sixty-three deaths, and thousands of injuries. A white truck driver was dragged from his truck and beaten unmercifully by blacks who were never arrested or charged. Looting and burning of businesses were rampant throughout the Watts Section of Los Angeles. All four officers were later charged under federal civil rights laws; two were convicted; two were acquitted. But the hoodlums and thugs who devastated Watts never paid a price for their actions. This failure to hold anyone accountable set the stage for our modern-day riots, thuggery, bedlam, assaults, and thievery, all excused by the left-wing press and local leftist authorities as “peaceful demonstrations”. Rodney King received $2.6 Million.

There have been similar riots, looting, and killing in many cities since the Rodney King incident, always because a black thug resisted arrest or threatened to assault a lawful police officer. If white officers are involved in the apprehension of black offenders, this makes the situation ripe for confrontations, rioting, burning, and looting. The four most consequential recent cases involved four thugs by the names of Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, George Floyd, and Jacob Blake.

In August 2015, Michael Brown, known as the Gentle Giant, resisted arrest, assaulted a police officer, and attempted to take his weapon, while being arrested for the aggravated robbery of a small convenience store. Despite Brown’s crimes and a pending charge of second-degree murder, blacks rioted and burned Ferguson Missouri. The white police officer was exonerated of any crime based on testimony of the citizens, including blacks, who witnessed the confrontation. Still the city burned. Michael Brown’s family received $1.5 Million.

That same year, another thug by the name of Freddie Gray was arrested by six Baltimore police officers, black, white, male ,and female. Gray died on the way to jail while riding in the back of a police wagon. Blacks rioted. The mayor did not allow the police to act. Baltimore burned for five or six days. All police officers were judged innocent in ensuing trials. Still Baltimore burned. Freddie Gray’s family received $6.5 Million.

Next came the arrest of George Floyd who had a rap sheet longer than his arm. Floyd, whose system was filled with illegal drugs, was being arrested for passing a counterfeit bill. He resisted arrest and died while being restrained. As a result of his illegal actions and failure to comply with police instructions, he died. A white police officer was sentenced to more than twenty years in prison. There was sufficient evidence that Floyd might have died from the drugs in his system. The question remains: why did the jury fail to consider this evidence? Was it because the BLM thugs were outside the courthouse, threatening another riot and danger to the well-being of the jurors? We don’t know, but we do know that Minneapolis burned. George Floyd’s family received $27 Million.

Now we move closer to the reason Kyle Rittenhouse is being tried for defending himself from the BLM thugs that ravaged Kenosha, Wisconsin following the shooting of Jacob Blake who was being arrested for domestic abuse. His long rap sheet, spanning more than six years, included domestic abuse, assault, and sexual assault among other charges. Even though Blake admitted he was holding a knife and threatening the police, BLM and supporters claimed Blake was shot without provocation. That is the reason Kenosha Burned. Thankfully, the city of Kenosha had enough guts to deny the Jacob Blake claim for compensation.

Now we await the outcome of the trial of a young man who tried to do what authorities would not do. He erased graffiti, put out fires, and offered medical assistance. The BLM thugs who were hell bent on destroying the city of Kenosha attacked him. He had the guts to stand up to them, something city officials and governor of Wisconsin did not do. Rittenhouse was unable to stop them, and the city burned. Now he is being tried for defending himself.

If there is any point to be taken from this essay, it is that we must take whatever actions are necessary to regain control of our cities. We must make certain that we are not cowered by threats from the left such as those made by NYC BLM leader, Hawk Newsome, who threatened murder and arson if Mayor Elect, Eric Adams, makes good on his promise to restore order to the streets of New York. We saw in Watts as early as 1965 that overwhelming power, in the form of the national guard, state police, and military (if necessary) should be used to stop the destruction of our cities. This will not be easy with the left-wing press and socialist politicians giving support to the actions of those who would destroy, not only our cities, but our country. We must have the same guts as seventeen-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse. Let’s hope the jury is equally as brave and sets him free.


Nothing More to Worry About Folks
(Barack is Back)
Folks, I am pleased to inform you that we have nothing more to worry about. The earth has been saved by the felonious phonies attending the 26th COP Climate Conference in Glasgow, Scotland for the past week. We now know the “Climate Crisis” is in the hands of the right people and will be solved by spending trillions of dollars, mostly from the United States. Assurances to this effect were made by thousands of wealthy and government-funded attendees, flying in on more than four hundred jet-fuel guzzling private planes, including Jeff Bezos’s $64 Million Boeing 747. But here is the killer—after polluting the planet with tons of carbon emissions, the attendees were encouraged to remain in their hotel rooms to watch the summit proceedings online due to the dreaded COVID restrictions. Thankfully, many environmentalists who planned to attend backed out because of COVID related travel complications, thus further reducing the attendees’ carbon footprints.

Of course, the United States was represented by the haughty self-adulated John Kerry, the U.S. Climate Czar, who hops about all over the globe in his private jet, performing his important duties, controlling the climate. How lucky we are to know that such an intellect represented our interests at that conference and will use his many talents to save our planet.

But wait, folks, there is more. What such gathering would be complete without the presence of the eminent Barack Hussein Obama, the ultimate narcissist and, if possible, a man, even more haughty than Mr. Kerry. Barrack, who thought he was in Ireland instead of Scotland, assured us that when future climate conferences are held, he will be in attendance (Thank the almighty). Let’s hope he checks a map of the globe before the 27th Climate Conference. “The One”, whose major contribution as president was to foment hate for police and start the division of America along racial lines, was there to drop is meaningless bromides and platitudes. Let’s pray he can bring as much wisdom to finding solutions to the “climate crisis” before it is too late for humanity. If anyone can do it, ole Barry can—just ask him.

I have no doubt that fossil fuels, methane gas, human and animal discharges and many other sources add to atmospheric changes. It is part of the evolution of our planet and has happened since the earth’s creation four and a half billion years ago. I am not a geophysicist, nor do I profess expertise in this regard, but I do have a basic understanding of what is taking place in our universe. We have only to examine the planet Venus (the same age as earth) to understand that our planet will someday be as uninhabitable as our neighbor closest to the sun. NASA scientist—before Kamala Harris became the Space Czar—believed that Venus was habitable to some forms of life for the first two billion years of its existence. A theory is that the sun was about thirty percent cooler at that time, gradually warming. As the sun warmed, the oceans and rivers on Venus dried, resulting in a greenhouse effect and heavy carbon dioxide atmosphere.

Our world will not end tomorrow or in twelve years as predicted by that bastion of knowledge, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. In fact, scientist now believe the world will end in about seven to eight billion years, give or take a few million years, when the sun burns out. But the sun will continue to expand, getting closer to earth, just as it has always done. In one billion years the amount of radiation from the sun, reaching the earth, will increase by about eight percent, with a resultant increase of about 27 degrees Fahrenheit or about 9 degrees in three hundred million years. Unfortunately, the additional radiation from the sun will add to greenhouse gases and further increase the temperature on earth. In three hundred million years, the average winter temperature on earth would be between 65-72 degrees Fahrenheit, with only traces of snow or ice. So, regardless of what we do, the earth’s biosphere will be changed by the inevitable evolution of the sun. By one and a half billion years from now, the temperature on earth could be as high as 145 degrees Fahrenheit. Of course, it will be uninhabitable millions of years before then.

But don’t you worry, folks. Barack Hussein Obama and John Kerry will change the course of our universe with the sheer magic of their oratory. And Joe Biden, with the help of Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders will throw enough money at the “existential” climate crisis to change the course of the sun.
Biden will sign into law on Monday am “Infrastructure” Bill that contains many wasteful projects including $27 Billion for environmental farming. This law will hit the streets with good intentions but end up filling the pockets of Biden’s supporters and family. Don’t be surprised if son, Hunter, and Uncle James Biden don’t become instant farmers to share in this boondoggle.

Right around the corner is another bill awaiting action in congress that will add to our current inflation by injecting $2 Trillion more into an overheated economy, thereby adding to the rampant increase in inflation. This bill, although not yet written or published, provides more than $500 Billion for every imaginable climate related scheme, including $220 billion for “environmental justice”, whatever in the hell that is. My prediction is th it will end the same way all other government subsidized programs end, with doners, political hacks, and consultants bleeding the coffers, fed by hard-working tax-paying Americans.

It is time to put an end to the “Climate Change” lie and stop Joe Biden in his tracks.

Call Senators Manchin and Sinema, asking them to hold their grounds and not allow this garbage Build Back Better bill to pass the senate.

I wish to acknowledge a NASA paper, “How Long Will the Earth Remain Habitable”, which is the source document for much of this article.

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